Contact: alixg017 AT gmail.com

Alix Gaytan is a Mexican-American artist born in El Paso, Tx. Gaytan’s work explores the abject and its relation to chaotic human behavior. She creates images of insect humanoids forever confined in their constant fragmentation within chaotic atmospheres. These humanoids are born from body fragments with diverse mutations, while they become surrounded by dysfunctional human organs and vascular systems. By employing painting, drawing, and printmaking techniques, bodies and backgrounds coalesce into an attraction-repulsion frenzy. When fear and confusion are expressed through our bodies, they are violently transformed into something uncanny. Ultimately, her ambition is to offer a visual testament to the durability of the human mind and its never-ending metamorphosis.

Gaytan obtained her MFA in Studio Art from the Pennsylvania State University in 2022 with a concentration in painting and drawing. Also, she earned her BFA from the University of Texas at El Paso in 2018 with a major in painting and a minor in printmaking. Currently, she lives and works in El Paso, Tx.